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Ghost In The Barn House is a 2D Survival Horror game based on the story of an old Haunted barn which was built in the 1800s in Texas.

In the old barn, various rituals were performed during the 1800s which brought many Evil spirits to the land of living. The original owner of the Haunted Barn died of heart attack long time ago and the land was later bought by John, the current owner of the land.

In the year of 1990, a new Barn-styled house was build just beside the old barn. It was reported that someone performed Voodoo rituals inside the new house which caused the death of animals that were kept in the old barn. John, after hearing about the incident, decided to investigate both the house and the old barn as he was planning to shift to Texas permanently. Something unexpected happened which turned him into a believer of the ghosts and spirits. As soon as he set his foot inside the house, he came to realize that it was really haunted. But he gathered his courage and decided to investigate the property for the proof of the paranormal.

Will he be able to escape the Barn house unharmed? His fate is in your hands now.

Key Features:
Investigate both the new house and the old barn for the proof of the Paranormal.
Demons are lurking in the shadows.
Explore the spirit world and the basement where the Devil resides.
Solve mini puzzles and avoid various traps.
Face your fears while exploring the Haunted property.
Nearly half an hour of Paranormal investigation.

Note: I am a solo indie game developer and I have done all of the graphics, artwork, character design, animation and programming except for the music. I hope you will enjoy the game.

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1. Необходимо скачать и установить Steam
2. Зайти под своей учетной записью или зарегистрировать новую.
3. Перейти в раздел «добавить игру» и выбрать «Активировать через Steam…», ввести ключ полученный после оплаты.


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    Дата: 24.07.2020 17:06:54
    Оценка: 👍
    Отзыв: Ключ «Ghost In The Barn House» активировался без каких-либо проблем. Спасибо большое!

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    Дата: 17.08.2021 05:35:57
    Оценка: 👍
    Отзыв: +++

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